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  • What vehicles do you service?
    We service all German makes including Audi, VW, Porsche and BMW and can perform any repair or service that would be done by the dealer. As vehicles have become more complicated and expensive to fix we also often perform repairs beyond the scope of what the dealer would do. For example the Audi B7 S4 transmission has unique issues on higher mileage cars and the dealerships recommend complete transmission replacement. With a little work we have found that disassembly, cleaning and replacing of some small parts results in a perfectly working transmission for 20% of the price of a new transmission.
  • What is your Warranty Policy?
    We offer a 2 year/ 24k mile warranty on all repairs performed. Warranty does not include wear or service items like brakes or oil but does cover the unlikely event that we performed the service wrong or inadequately.
  • Do I need an appointment?
    Yes. So that we can provide quick and efficient service we ask that you call or email us to set up an appointment. We stick to this model as it allows us to optimize our resources and only have the parts and people on hand that we will need resulting in lower overhead and savings we can pass on to our clients.
  • Are you open on weekends?
    Unfortunately we are not. We are often at the track on weekends supporting our race clients. We race and support what we work on so we get to see component failures that happen long before they would on a normal road car. We do offer pickup and drop off outside of normal business hours to try and help make your service as convenient as possible.
  • Can I bring my own parts?
    Yes, but we recommend against it. We do not provide a warranty on any parts that you provide. In most cases it also isn’t worth it to bring your own parts. We try to be hyper competitive on our parts pricing and can match or are lower than the same brand you would find online.
  • My car has the factory warranty. Should I bring it to you for maintenance still?
    In most cases yes. Some cars also came with a prepaid factory maintenance plan. In most cases however auto makers have done away with this and charge high rates for basic services. When you have your car serviced with us we will not only save you money but we will let you know about worn or potentially failing parts and facilitate getting your car to the dealer so you can have it warrantied for free!
  • Do you accept third party extended warranties?
    Yes! We work directly with your extended warranty company. Just give us the details of your policy and we handle it from there.
  • Will I be charged a diagnosis fee?
    Short answer: it depends. Long answer: Yes we typically charge a diagnosis fee unless it is something simple or we can wrap it into the cost of the repair. We do however let you know exactly what you are getting for your diagnosis money and approve the expense with you beforehand. We provide a test plan with time estimates and if we provide a 5 step plan to figure out a complex problem and discover said problem on step 2 we only charge for the time spent up to step 2. Our minimum fee to look at a car is $75 of labor.
  • Can I wait? What amenities do you have?
    Yes! We have a comfortable waiting area with complimentary WiFi, bottled water and coffee.
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